Tiny Tots

Some of our daily activities include but are not limited to; art, music and movement, circle time, morning nature walks, preschool curriculum, group play, outside activities, fine and gross motor activities!
Our Curriculum & Activities are Theme based, to correlate with the time of year, language, literature, fine and gross motor skills, letter of the week, color, shape, math, science, social studies, creative arts, language arts, writing music, movement, sensory, cooking and various  special activities.

Center Time
Center Time is an extended period during the day when children engage in self-selected activities. Children explore and experiment with materials, deepen their understanding of various concepts, and practice budding skills.
This is the time of the day when the children are engaged in Art Area; Blocks; Book Area; Dramatic Play; Manipulative/Puzzles; Sensory Tables: Sand and Water. and Writing.

Art Area: This area includes one or more easels and tables. Accessible shelving holds basic core supplies, such as smocks, paint, paper, brushes, markers, glue, and scissors.

Book Area: This area is a cozy,  library-like area furnished with carpet, cushions and furniture. Books appeal to children at different levels of development. Books representing different genres and themes are displayed with their covers facing the child. New books are added regularly. The book area also includes media of favorite predictable books, poetry, songs and felt-board pieces for storytelling.

Block Area: Different types of blocks include large hollow wooden blocks and small wooden unit blocks. Small colored blocks, and specialized blocks (castle, playground, etc.)

Dramatic Play: This play area contains standard socio-dramatic equipment, such as a kitchen stove, refrigerator, shelving, and a table. Related supplies (e.g., toy food or cooking utensils) spark specific play scripts (e.g. cooking dinner). The area also includes dolls, doll clothing, and furniture for use in baby play. Standard supplies that encourage use of literacy in play (e.g., telephone book, pads near a telephone. paper, pencils) are included. Other literacy props are rotated in and out as curriculum themes change.

Manipulative/Puzzles: This area contains materials that support children's development of fine motor skills, literacy, numeracy, and spatial understanding. Supplies include jigsaw puzzles, alphabet letters, and math manipulatives. Other curriculum materials are also available here.

Sand and Water Table: A sand and water table sits on a waterproof or water-resistant surface. The materials in the table and the supplies provided for children vary by theme.

Writing Area: The writing area contains a designated table for writing, distinct from an art table. Attractive and organized writing supplies motivate children to enter the area to write. These include different kinds of paper, pencils, markers, small portable laminated alphabets, and small cards with words on interest (e.g., love, mommy, sister).