Ms. Theresa is Tiny Tots Program Administrator.  She has been working with children for over 20 years, helping many families meet their need for family support and care! Along with her extensive experience in all types of childcare settings, Ms. Theresa has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Service and Business Management, a Masters Degree  in Marriage,Family and Child Therapy, and is currently working on a PhD. Ms. Theresa has one child, age 20, who she refers to as “the founder of the business.”  Her family is her strength and her focus.  Ms. Theresa designed the Tiny Tots program from a familial approach to childcare.  She focuses on welcoming all clients into the family run business.  Tiny Tots is a company founded on the philosophy of a "whole family approach" to the services offered. Ms. Theresa is passionate about the work she does and the family services offered by Tiny Tots Preschool & Family Childcare! Ms. Theresa ensures our highly skilled team of professional childcare staff is able to ensure each child receives a comprehensive program, which caters to the child’s individual skills, as well as the families needs.

Ms. Vicky- What family based business would be complete without Grandma? Well ours is not different! Ms. Vicky is Ms. Theresa's Mom.  After raising two children of her own and getting to be Nana to her grandkids, she also lends a helping hand with the kids at Tiny Tots!  You could say she has made offering care, kindness and compassion a family tradition!

Tiny Tots

Miss Darci earned a bachelors degree from San Diego Christian College May of 2018. She has been working with kids since she was 12 years old! Working in both a volunteer and intern capacity she has experience with ages 0 to 12! Miss Darci loves getting to watch the kids as they grow and develop and to be part of their journey. Playing dolls is her speciality and she’s an excellent robot builder. Having recently joined Tiny Tots she’s excited to be part of the family!

Mr Bear has extensive child development training with over 12 units. He has also Earned a bachelors degree at the University of Phoenix  for Business management. Has been with Miss Theresa for over 20 years and helps run Tiny Tots with his amazing staff While Miss Theresa is away. He enjoys sculpting young minds to be ready for school. we love seeing kids learn and grow.